Welcome to Pizzuno 🍕 In here you can play UNO ® online with friends for free!

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What is this ?

Pizzuno is a game like UNO ® that can be played with friends online for free. It is loosely based on Last card. It is similar in most aspects to Mau Mau, Crazy Eights or Uno with several different rules, for instance the function of the wild cards.

In here you can play Pizzuno with your friends online and for free. No registration and no App installing required!

If you want to play alone, you can play in the Singleplayer mode.
If you want to play with your friends, you can play in the Multiplayer mode

You can play it in your browser. It works on most web-based devices but it was tested better on Chrome and Firefox. It should work well in any Chromium Browser.